Apple Watch 2 Wish List

It’s been over a year since Apple announced the Apple Watch and it’s been seven months since the release of it. That means, the second generation Apple Watch is just around the corner.

I opted to wait for the second gen Apple Watch instead of buying the first gen because it wasn’t a pressing need to buy a wearable. Sure, it looks cool, but in the end, the true functionality of a wearable is of delivering notifications faster. I chose to save the $400 and just pull out my phone to see my notifications. But with the next Apple Watch on the horizon, I thought it was time to see if I still feel the same about wearables as I did back in April.

While the first Apple Watch is a pretty cool wearable device, and it has received many improvements with updates to watchOS, Apple still left some things to be desired. Here’s my wish for the Apple Watch 2.

Round Design

The second-gen Moto 360.

The design of the Apple Watch is by no means an ugly one, but it does feel un-innovative. A square watch face is not as impressive as a round one. Just look at the Moto 360 and its beautiful round design. It does have a minor blemish in the bottom horizontal line the serves to house the screen drivers, but it’s a design fail we can easily forgive since the rest of the device looks so great. Aesthecially, a round design just looks better and I’m still disappointed Apple opted to release a square design instead of a round design.

Better Battery

Rocking a 205 mAh battery has delivered surprisingly great battery results. Sadly though, the Apple Watch battery was roughly half the size of some Android Wear devices. Think of how great battery life would be in Apple slapped on a 400 mAh battery with their watchOS battery saving software; you wouldn’t have to charge your watch for days! It’s a fun thought.

Improved Specs and Build

Close up of the Apple Watch.
Close up of the Apple Watch.

The first gen Apple Watch rocks an Apple S1 processor with 8GB of memory, 512MB of RAM and is made of 7000 series aluminum or stainless steel. It also comes in two sizes, a 38mm (aimed at women) and a 42mm (aimed at men). Most assuredly, and the driving reason why I didn’t get a first gen Apple Watch was that Apple will improve every single spec on the next iteration of their wearable. From processor to RAM, all those specs will get bumped up. Hopefully we get base point of 16GB of onboard memory, 1GB of RAM and a round design. The Apple Watch 2 would be running buttery smooth with these specs.

Cheaper Price

Apple needs to bring down the price, but I know it won’t. This is truly a wish. The base price of $349 for the 38mm and $399 for the 42mm will stay the same, but wouldn’t it be nice if the Cupertino company knock down prices by $50 at least. Yeah, lets keep on dreaming.

All things aside, I’m still really excited for the new Apple Watch. I will be purchasing one and writing a full review. Hopefully all of the things on my wish list make it on to the next gen device, but I won’t be holding my breath. This is Apple after all, who still puts 16GB in their iPhones.


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