NFL Revision – Week 6

I am sorry I’ve been MIA for the last couple weeks. I wish I could make up a good excuse but it was just laziness. But I’m back, and I’ll stay back. Let’s get started!

Six weeks into the NFL season, the playoff pictures is almost kind of fully formed. By now, you can tell which teams are good, and which teams are not so good. An unprecedented five teams head into week 7 undefeated: Denver, Cincinnati, Carolina, Green Bay and New England. Impressive. But I’d only give the Pats (due to their fairly light schedule) a shot at an undefeated season, but even then, they can’t seen to keep their left tackle healthy (they lost two last week).

Week 6 revealed a lot about some supposed heavyweights, and pushed many fans into panic territory. Let’s break it down.

ATL 21, NO 31

Atlanta is a good team, not a great one. One year removed 6-10 season, with a fairly mediocre defensive unit (they got talent but it takes time), you can’t expect them to be 14-2. Another mediocre team in New Orleans exposed them, but with that said, Atlanta would have won minus those terrible fumbles.

CIN 34, BUF 21

It’s safe to say Rex Ryan talks too much. And Andy Dalton is proving the haters wrong. Impressive season so far, but they still need to get through New England to be taken seriously.

DEN 26, CLE 23

Denver is in trouble. The defense is elite and has carried them to a 6-0 record, but the bigger issue is the fact the Peyton seems to push them more towards the loss column than the win at certain points in the game, and that’s scary for a supposed Super Bowl contender.

CHI 34, DET 37

No, I don’t know what an NFL catch is. But I’m glad the Lion got the monkey off their back with their first win. Still, their hole is too big and at this point, they’re pretty much done.

HOU 31, JAX 20

Houston looks like a different team with Hoyer under center to begin games. He game them a spark to beat the sparkless Jaguars.

KC 10, MIN 16

Kansas City is done. No Maclin, no Charles and their defense is getting shredded. Not an impressive win by Minnesota, but a win is a win.

WSH 20, NYJ 34

Good win by the Jets on the back of a great performance by Ryan Fitzpatrick. But here comes his kryptonite in the form of the New England Patriots (1-5 records against NE). This is the first major test for the Patriots. The Todd Bowles-led Jets are a lot quieter than the Rex Ryan-led Jets of old, but they should play just as hard against their hated rivals.

AZ 13, PIT 25

Just when you want to crown the Cardinals, they lose. The Steelers have found consistent quarterback to hold the fort until Big Ben returns in the unlikeliest of people, third-string back up Landry Jones.

MIA 38, TEN 10

What a difference a change of culture does for a team. We saw some rough riders playing defense for the Dolphins, something Joe Philbin couldn’t bring out.

CAR 27, SEA 23

Count me in the Cam Newton doubters, but I was proven wrong this past weekend. I apologize Cam. Carolina’s come from behind victory at CenteryLink Field may be career defining for this young Panthers team.

SD 20, GB 27

Phillip Rivers had a career day, throwing for over 500 years, but the Chargers still fell short to Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. But their defense was exposed, so things are so rosy at Lambeau this week.

BAL 20, SF 25

This just isn’t the same Ravens team from years past. The lackluster 49ers offense put up 25 points and former 49ers cast off Shareece Wright was burned crispy by Kaep and former Ravens cast off Torrey Smith.

IND 27, NE 34

I will sum up this game in four words: what a stupid call. The deflategate revenge plot was overplayed by the media. It essentially put the Colts in a can’t lose situation, all they had to do was not embarrass themselves. They failed. Oh, Colts.

NYG 7, PHI 27

The Giants made the Eagles defense look like world beaters. Seriously. Bradford threw three interception and the Eagles still won by 20 points. Crazy year in the NFC East: the year nobody wants to win the division, except the injury/Brandon Weeden mangled Cowboys.


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