NFL Revision – Week 2

After two complete weeks of play, the best record you can have is 2-0 and the worst is 0-2. But just ask Seahawks, Colts, Ravens, Eagles and Saints fans – that’s a big difference. Some of those teams will turn it around while others are in for a long season.

Some of the early gems include the Patriots (what else is new), Broncos, Jets (what?), Bengals and Cowboys (but at big cost).

Let’s get to some of the headlines from the week of play.

The Patriots roll, Bills explode

Boy, Rex Ryan can really run his mouth. Don’t get me wrong, the guy can coach – but he talks way too much. He hyped up this game so much, Guinness traveled to Ralph Wilson Stadium to measure the sound decibel. Buffalo wanted to claim the record from Kansas City’s raucous Arrowhead Stadium. It failed. And it lost the game. Tom Brady’s record against the Bills now stands at 26-3 (last year’s loss at Gillette doesn’t count, half the team didn’t play). He put on an MVP show throwing for 466 yards while tossing 3 touch downs to zero interceptions. That is the most yards surrendered by a Rex Ryan defense. Ever. Let’s not make any excuses. This isn’t the 2014 Jets, this defense is legit. But it wasn’t against Tom Brady. The stage was too big. If they can keep their cool, they can play hard against any team, but Belichick and Brady are in these guy’s heads, especially Rex. No question.

 The Cowboys continue to win and lose

The football gods are not smiling on the Americas Team. First Dez goes down with a broken foot, and rumors is he will be out up to 12 weeks. Now Tony Romo fractures his clavicle and will be out at least until Week 11 after being place on IR (designated to return). Life without your two most important offensive weapons for two months may be a death-blow, but I wouldn’t count this team out. The defense looks legit. They aren’t world beaters, but they can hold their own. They held the Eagles to a measly 7 yards rushing and made Bradford looked lost, scared and confused. If they can get by with a .500 record (plus the two victories they already have), they might be able to make a late push to the playoffs. The Eagles on the other hand, they’re in trouble. Chip Kelly finally morphed this team into his image, and it is a monstrosity to behold. DeMarco Murray has no business running the ball in this scheme, the Bradford trade looks worse by the minute and now Kiko Alonso partially tore his ACL. This – on top of the excommunication of LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson – means that Kelly’s seat is getting hotter and hotter.

Surprising Jets humble lackluster Colts

The Colts look like a disaster. The Monday Night humiliation, to go with the stomping by the Bills, has brought down the Super Bowl aspirations to a possible losing season. Pagano is a dead man walking, but can you blame him. This team is weak and flawed at all positions. Acquiring fading stars Andre Johnson and Frank Gore did little to alleviate the concerns on the defensive side. Luck is not playing good, but he deserves some help. He can’t be Superman every week, there needs to be room for error. But there isn’t and the season looks dangerously close to being lost except for the saving grace that is the AFC South. The Jets on the other hand, have a solid team. The ceiling isn’t very high with Fitzpatrick as the signal caller, but this defense can carry them to within striking distance for the playoffs if Fitzpatrick plays consistent and avoids the turnovers.

Aaron Rodgers looks super, Hawks look ordinary

The Seahawks miss Kam Chancellor. A lot. Their defense played better but they’re still missing something. They don’t have the swagger that led them to be the number one defense for the past three years. They seem distracted and bored. Richard Sherman looks ordinary instead of menacing and unbeatable. The teams still had a chance to win before Russell Wilson’s late interception, which can be cause for hope, but they won’t get much help until Chancellor comes back. The first two weeks were the toughest on their schedule, which gets easier with games against the winless Bears and Lions, but until Chancellor walks through the door – a third Super Bowl trip is nothing more than a fantasy.

UPDATE: Kam Chancellor reported back to the team. The Seahawks already look better. Don’t look for Chancellor to make an impact right away, he missed all of training camp, preseason and the first two weeks, which means he’s not in football shape. He’ll play sparingly, but against the Jimmy Clausen-led Chicago Bears, that should’t matter too much.

Falcons, Broncos, Bengals and Cards remain perfect

The Broncos escape defeats grasp again, the Bengals and Cards look like solid football squads and the Falcons are learning to win again under new head coach Dan Quinn. These four teams round out the remaining undefeated teams. Each looks in control of their division if they continue to play as they have the first two weeks. The Broncos and Cardinals’ defense look like studs. The Cards don’t seems to miss Todd Bowles (now reviving the Jets) and the Broncos defense looks even better than last year’s unit. The Falcons continue to evade losing with last-minute victories over the collapsing Eagles and Giants. They’re certainly the weakest of the bunch, but with zero losses and a weak division, a playoff berth appears within reach. We’ll save our judgement for the Bengals, who have made the playoffs the last four years but are 0-4 in those games, until the end of the year. They’ve always been consistent, and even at times spectacular, in the regular season – but we want to see some progress come January.


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